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SINO Fire Drill in 2018



   1.In order to strengthen the fire safety education of company staffs,improve the defence and control ability of fire disaster and strain capacity of emergency.At the same time,to check the actual optional condition of fire facilities and equipments of company. So SINO organized the fire drill on July 17th,2018.


     2.Company leaders paid high attention to the fire drill activity.The administration dept. made the drill plan and prepared all the materials which fire drill needed. All the departments are positive and cooperative. At 10’o clock,announced the notice of emergency spreading by broadcast,all the staffs arrived in the specified location through the safe lane rapidly.

     3.Company leader made a speech,emphasized the importance of defence the fire disaster and the manufacturing safety.The specialized firefighter explained some fire theoretical knowledge,introduced detailed operating procedures and attentions of some fire equipments, and set some examples.Then all the staffs participate to real practice.So we learned some operating ways of some normal fire equipments,such as the usage of dry power fire extinguisher and fire hydrant.The fire drill provided the valuable experiences for the real emergency.



      4.The fire drill was crowned with complete success according to the in orders pre-made plans.”safety is more than sky.”We should realize fire knowledge and learn fire knowledge from every detail







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