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Safe Driving Training


  In order to improve the awareness of traffic safety of staffs,to guarantee the staffs’ life and property safety.What’s more,to prevent efficiently and reduce the traffic accidents.Recently, SINO has held a special training about driver safety education.The staffs who are drivers in the company participated in the training actively


   In the training lesson,first of all,the trainer explained the safe driving theory,risk prevention knowledge and emergency trouble shooting on the way. He used pictures and words stated simply how important to abide by the traffic rules and safe driving. 


  The trainer showed the safety warning video.The video showed the cases and we can learn the laws from it,which made staffs like in the accident spot,and realized deeply that steering wheel in hands,we should pay high attention to the safe.Recently, some accidents happened because of over speed, drunk driving,tired driving and play the mobile phone when driving.These common examples led to some tragic accidents,which made staffs pay more attention to the safe driving.



  SINO held the safe driving training for staffs,which showed SINO take care of staffs’safe and life,and the staffs appreciated the training and SINO.All the staffs realized that we should take this as a lesson,to improve the awareness of safe driving.Besides,we should be responsible for ourself,our family and our company.So we should have a good habit for civilization driving and going out.We should obey the laws and traffic rules,to ensure driving safely.


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