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Living goods

Application: Living goods




Wall Thickness:2.0mm

System Type:PRM VV-EP

Nozzle Qty:8


Project characteristics and customer requirements

  1.The materials of this product is mixed type of modified engineering resin with flame retardant.

The molding temperature is high and narrow scope for temperature. It will be carbonized and decomposed easily if the temperature is controlled not well. So the temperature of manifold and nozzle must be accurate and balanced control. Thus,the nozzle of this hot runner system use the newest nozzle,it’s the specialized nozzle for engineering resin(PRM-EP).   

 2.This nozzle with two segments copper tube heater. The head of nozzle and flange can control the temperature separately.

So it can ensure the overall temperature of nozzle and it’s stability.

  3.The quantities of cavities is 8 for each mould. Balance temperature of distributed flow of manifold. Specialized design for runner.Thus,it can ensure filling balance and stability.At the same time,it can avoid the dead corner (carbonization) and reduce the pressure.




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