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Successful Cases: Lampshade



应用案例(Application):灯罩 Lampshade

材料(Resin):PC白色+PC透明 1:1混合

White PC+ Transparent PC   1:1 mix


颜色(Color):白色+透明 White+Transparent

平均壁厚(Wall Thickness):2.8mm

系统(System Type):新款SSV  New style SSV

热咀点数(Nozzle Qty):1




   1. The product is lampshade which materials are 1:1 mixed white PC and transparent PC.It needs to meet the needs that there are no flaw under the light.If the melting temperature is not balanced, there will be obvious color difference circle. So we need to ensure the temperature of the whole nozzle is good balanced.

     2.We combined the characteristics of product and materials, the new style SSV structure is adopted to improve the chromatism issue which caused by bad balance temperature.So that to reach the transparency of the product.

   3.New style characteristics: Both the heating segment of nozzle locator and the heating segment of nozzle are lengthen designed at the same time, and shorten the unheated distance of the intermediate junction, to ensure the heat.Meanwhile,it optimizes the construction,which decreases the heat loss, so it can reach the good balance of temperature.

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