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Successful Cases: Splash Guard

 应用案例(Application):挡泥板  Splash guard
颜色(Color):黑色 Black
平均壁厚(Wall Thickness):1.8-2.5mm
系统(System Type):EMS 41 VE
热咀点数(Nozzle Qty):22


说明 Description:  


   We design the gate ways of oblique nozzle according to the surface shape of products,which solves the traditional straight gate ways and then turn to the cool runner gate ways which will degraded materials.Besides,it can decrease the manufacturing procedures of products and improve the production efficiency and cost saving.


 EMS system is unitary system, it convenient for assembly and disassembly.The hot runner and manifold adopt screw type connecting.Hot runner system is less contact with mold,so it has less heat loss,at the same time,it can avoid leaking risks.Oiling channel and cooling channel adopt Teflon pipe to connect.The mold design is simple and convenient for machine.



   Hydraulic cylinder adopts the new style and seal strengthening performance hydraulic cylinder,which can make the oil in the hydraulic cylinder reach a circulating cooling effect. At the same time, it can clean the inner hydraulic cylinder to avoid  the oil long time accumulate in the hydraulic cylinder, denaturation caused by the high temperature, generate impurity and bubble,which effect the working performance of hydraulic cylinder.This kind of hydraulic cylinder can ensure the piston move smoothly and the system has strong stability.

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