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Main body of air conditioner

应用案例(Application):空调主体 Main body of air conditioner


颜色(Color):白色 White

平均壁厚(Wall Thickness):2.5mm

系统(System Type):PRM VG

热咀点数(Nozzle Qty):7



说明 Description:  

1、 此产品为白色空调主体,无需冷流道转,直接进胶产品,杜绝混色、异色存在,流道采用特殊工艺,避免发黄、发黑问题;

  The product is white main body of air conditioner, the hot runner don’t need to turn from the cold runner. The materials can inject into the product directly. The mixed color and different color are not exist.Special technics are adopted to the runner,which can avoid yellowing and blackening issues.




  The nozzles adopted multi-segment heating.The nozzle tip can control the temperature separately.So it can solve the heterogeneous color problems that caused by temperature difference of one segment heating.



The heaters of manifold are controlled by single group ,which can ensure the balance temperature of entire runner.


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